What is the average height in Japan?


The quest for increased height has been a fascination for people around the world, and the Japanese height-raising expedition has garnered significant attention not only in Asia but also among Western scholars. In this article, authored by Debametulam, we delve into the intriguing world of Japanese stature, offering a comprehensive overview of the average height in Japan. Beyond mere statistics, we aim to empower you with valuable insights and strategies to embark on your own journey towards improved stature. Whether you’re captivated by the Japanese approach to height enhancement or simply curious about the factors influencing height in this unique culture, read on to discover the secrets that may just help you stand a little taller.

Japanese height growth

According to data from The New York Times, prior to 1950, the Japanese population struggled with notably short statures, with an average male height of just 150cm and a female average of 149cm. This placed Japan among the world’s shortest nations, even falling behind countries like Vietnam in terms of average height.

The historical context reveals that Japan’s diminished stature was a consequence of the protracted periods of war and austere living conditions. In the wake of World War I, numerous rural regions in Japan grappled with severe food shortages, pushing many families to subsist primarily on meager portions of vegetables and tofu, with virtually no access to meat. These circumstances directly contributed to the stunted growth and development of the younger generation.

Recognizing this issue, the Japanese government acknowledged the diminutive stature of its citizens, with the common perception being that of the average Japanese person as “short.” Thus, Japan embarked on a multifaceted campaign aimed at fostering greater height in subsequent generations, even as economic challenges continued to loom large.

Over the next half-century, Japan experienced an astonishing surge in height, a transformation that defied expectations. Equally remarkable was their pace of “height regression,” wherein the average Japanese individual grew approximately 10 centimeters taller in the span of just four decades, equivalent to an astonishing 2.5 centimeters every ten years. This extraordinary phenomenon left many incredulous, as Japan’s citizens literally and figuratively rose to new heights


What is the average height of Japanese people?

The average height of Japanese individuals has seen a significant increase in recent years. As of the latest available data, the average height for Japanese men stands at approximately 172 centimeters, while for Japanese women, it is around 158 centimeters. This places Japan among the countries in Asia with some of the taller population heights.

In contrast, the average height of Vietnamese people is slightly lower, with Vietnamese men having an average height of about 168 centimeters and Vietnamese women averaging around 156 centimeters, based on data from 2020. This means that, on average, Vietnamese men are approximately 4 centimeters shorter than their Japanese counterparts, while Vietnamese women are about 2 centimeters shorter than Japanese women.

The disparity in height between the two countries underscores the significance of height as a metric and its impact on international perceptions. It serves as a reminder that height can influence how a nation and its people are viewed on the global stage. To bridge this height gap, there may be valuable lessons to learn from the methods and strategies that the Japanese have employed to promote increased height among their population.

The average height of Japanese citizens has been boosted by the scientific revolution


The Japanese diet has had a significant change in food structure and nutritional value during the height improvement period. In their daily diet, they choose foods with high nutritional value such as salmon, cod and seaweed as well as cabbage, fish, seafood, seaweed, broccoli, fermented soybeans and extra beans. This rich source of nutrients is great for building strong bones and helps you grow fast and healthy. Each dish in a Japanese meal is just a small portion. This allows them to enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious food.

Every meal, the Japanese add milk

In Japan, consuming milk has become a popular activity. There will be differences in the amount of milk given to students depending on their grade level. The older the student, the more milk they get. Japanese children can drink milk for free at school even though there is no fee. To increase the average height of Japanese citizens, the Japanese government has a prominent strategy: the school milk program.

Genetic improvement

Japan encourages intellectuals with outstanding height to have more children to pass on good genes to the next generation.

Sports promotion

The Japanese government encourages schools to set up a model of sports clubs in order to develop and train children’s movement habits from an early age. Students must join at least one sports club and participate in regular activities while at school. Japanese parents are very interested in encouraging their children to exercise, even at home.

Japan has a sports program that is music. It is broadcast at 6 am every day. Many Japanese families gather together to perform exercises to music during this time. This activity not only binds family members together but also promotes height growth and enhances health for everyone.

Use supporting products

Japan is one of the most important countries in the functional food industry. It has a wide range of products that promote height growth. This country has produced many nutritional supplements to help improve height. Japanese foods are not only trusted in Japan but also widely exported to other countries.

This industry was only able to thrive in the 1980s and 1990s of the 20th century while Japan’s height growth period took place before that. There is no connection between the amazing speed of physical growth of the Japanese and the increased height of the food industry. The average height of Japanese people increases rapidly by consuming these foods.

Japan is the home of functional foods. However, many consumers still believe that the quality of American functional food products is better than those made in Japan, despite “late birth”. It is thanks to the outstanding technology, human resources and product quality management process of the US, which is always at the forefront of the world.

Japan is a powerhouse in Asia’s technology sector. It has many innovations and achievements that are of great importance to daily life. Japanese products are well received by consumers on the continent and around the world. You can use Japanese height increasing supplements.

Focus on taking care of children

Japanese parents are extremely concerned about their children. Japanese women after giving birth are often expected to stay at home to take care of their children and family. Men are responsible for making money. They devote themselves to their families and children and take care of their children to grow up and be healthy.

Japanese women have plenty of time and can prepare many meals for their children. Breakfast is prepared at home and lunch is made by mom to take to school. Children develop well when they are taken care of nutrition in a scientific way. Parents and children also have a close relationship.

The Japanese are very interested in politics and will follow many politicians to improve their health and the status of the government. Japanese women during pregnancy should take adequate calcium supplements and consult a nutritionist to ensure proper fetal development.

We have learned a lot from the journey of increasing the average height of the Japanese. Although the Vietnamese are taller than the Japanese, they are now shorter. The land of cherry blossoms is gradually losing its altitude over the years. This proves that height is not only determined by genes.

Good height growth can be greatly influenced by the timely and appropriate adjustment of diet, exercise, living and other factors. Let’s quickly change bad habits and discover the secret of increasing the height of the Japanese to get outstanding stature for the future.