What is the age at which height stops?


The trajectory of our physical growth is a fascinating interplay of genetics and lifestyle, and one of the most prominent aspects is our height. This article on Debametulam.com delves into the intriguing world of human height, exploring the age at which it reaches its zenith and how one can aspire to attain an impressive stature before hitting that height plateau.

When Does the Growth Spurt Cease?

A pivotal question on the minds of many is, “At what age does our height cease to increase?” It’s widely acknowledged that the age of 20 marks a significant milestone in this regard. However, it’s important to note that some individuals may cease growing even before reaching this age. The instances of people experiencing substantial height gains after crossing the age of 20 are quite rare, with only a few exceptions, typically associated with medical conditions like pituitary gland disorders, which result in excessive growth hormone production, leading to “giant syndrome.”

Unveiling the Science Behind Height Cessation

Unlike weight, which can fluctuate throughout one’s life, height follows a distinct trajectory. It steadily increases up to a certain point, after which it plateaus. Furthermore, as we age, the natural curvature of the spine can lead to a slight reduction in height compared to our youthful stature.

So, why does our height cease to grow around the age of 20? The key lies in the elongation of our bones, a process heavily influenced by the secretion of growth hormones. However, after the onset of puberty, the production of growth hormones starts to decline, and the growth plates located at the ends of our long bones begin to fuse. Once these growth plates fuse, the segment responsible for height expansion becomes unalterable, leading to the stagnation of our height. Consequently, after we reach the age of 20, we no longer experience significant increases in stature.







What are the ways to increase height in adulthood?

A lot of people are over 20 years old but still have not reached the standard stature. How to increase adult height is definitely a matter of concern for many people. In fact, you can study some of the following ways:

Leg lengthening surgery

This way can help adults grow 6-10cm taller. The appropriate age to perform leg lengthening surgery is between 20-35 years old. At this time, the skeletal system has entered the stable stage. After the age of 35, the natural aging process begins to take place, the ability of the bones to heal declines, leg lengthening surgery will not be as effective as expected.

Leg lengthening surgery is carried out as follows: The doctor will separate the tibia and fibula in your legs, install a metal tube inside the bone and a fixed frame outside the leg. Every day, the doctor will adjust the fixed frame to stimulate the bone to grow up to 1mm, divided into 3 times. In order to increase height by 6-8cm, you need to wear a fixed frame for 60-80 days. After the bones are long to the desired size, the doctor will remove the fixed frame as well as the metal tube, you begin the process of recovering motor function with physical therapy exercises lasting about 6 months. .

This is the most effective way to increase height for those who are already tall. However, leg lengthening surgery requires a large amount of expenses including surgery fees, medications, recovery after surgery, physical therapy. In addition, the surgery and recovery process lasts more than 1 year, you need to have expenses for food, living during this time and support from caring relatives while waiting for recovery.

Complications of leg lengthening surgery may be encountered, including: uneven bone growth causing short legs, infection at the incision causing necrosis, scarring due to fixed frame installation, reduced mobility… Risks are: What no one wants, but you also need to carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding to try the surgical method of increasing height.


Choose the right outfit

This way only helps to hack your height temporarily, making you look taller than your real height, not increasing your height.

If you are a man, give preference to models of fitted shirts, V-neck t-shirts, skinny jeans, dark khaki pants… Avoid designs that are too close to your body or oversize that will make you reveal your dimensional flaws. limited high.

Women can choose outfits: crop tops combined with high waisted pants, body-hugging skirts and high-neck boots, T-shirts and short skirts, midi skirts and short boots…

Changing hairstyles

Adjust the right hairstyle to make you look taller. For men, choose a hairstyle with high bangs, neatly cut on both sides to hack a few centimeters in height. Women can choose a short hairstyle that exposes their neck or if you like long hair, you can tie it up or put it in a high bun. The exposed neck will make the face more elegant, making others feel that your upper body is longer than usual. This will of course be very beneficial for your height.

What should be done to increase height early?

Do not wait until the age to stop growing to rush to improve height. Start early if you want to be in great shape. The following effective height increase secrets will help you grow to your full potential:

Diverse nutritious meals

Nutrition from daily meals plays an important role in the growth of height. Diverse food menu not only helps you eat better, but also adds many nutrients: Protein, starch, fat, vitamins and minerals. Each of these nutrients has a certain meaning for the natural height growth process.

Protein provides energy for physical activity, is the building block of cells. Fat is needed to store and regulate energy. Meanwhile, vitamins and minerals are directly present in the bone structure, determining the strength of the bones. Therefore, try to eat a lot of food at each meal, adjust your picky eating habits, eat only the foods you like to grow well.


Drink milk every day

According to Howtogrowtaller.com, milk is a drink with high nutritional value, rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium… all play an important role in the natural height growth process. The delicious and attractive taste is also an outstanding advantage that helps milk be loved by many people.

In order for your height to grow to its full potential, you should maintain a daily dose of milk from 350ml-500ml. The right time to drink milk is after breakfast and 2 hours before bed. Do not drink milk before a meal as it can cause anorexia and loss of appetite.

Depending on your taste, you can choose cow’s milk, soy milk, walnut milk, almond milk or dairy products such as butter, cheese, yogurt. The nutritional value of these products are all capable of improving stature.

Eat more calcium-rich foods

The importance of calcium for height must have been heard a lot. Food is an abundant, cheap and convenient source of calcium.

In salmon, sardines, spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes, beets, oats… have quite high calcium content, which will help strengthen strong bones and promote good height development. Each meal, you should add at least 1-2 calcium-rich foods, preferably processed by boiling, steaming, limiting the use of spices to maximize the nutrition of food.

Sports practice

Daily physical activity is a way to strengthen physical strength, improve the immune system, and support the organs: the heart, lungs, and kidneys to function effectively, helping to make a positive change in health. For growing children and adolescents, exercise increases bone density by stimulating bones to better absorb calcium and minerals. Besides, exercise is also a way to increase the body’s natural growth hormone production. The more growth hormone is secreted, the more favorable height is.

You should spend from 45-60 minutes daily to practice exercises that are good for bones and height such as: Swimming, badminton, jogging, jumping rope, soccer, basketball, volleyball… Good exercise is in the morning after waking up and in the cool afternoon after coming home from the classroom or the office.


Sleep before 10pm

Sleeping early and getting enough sleep is also an effective way to increase height before the process of stopping height takes place. If you maintain the habit of going to bed before 10 p.m. daily, you can enter a deep sleep state at 11 p.m.-01 a.m., when the pituitary gland produces the most growth hormone during the day. This is a great condition for the height to grow quickly, helping you to make a spectacular height breakthrough.

Good and sufficient sleep will support effective health care, maintaining alertness, concentration, physical activity and effective learning. Lack of sleep, poor sleep in 1 night does not make you short, but maintaining this condition for a long time is extremely dangerous for your health as well as the process of natural height development.

Besides going to bed before 10pm, you need to sleep 8-10 hours/day. In particular, priority sleep at night. During the day, you should only nap for 15-20 minutes, ensuring your body is relaxed and comfortable throughout the afternoon.

Drink enough water

Water plays an important role in health and height, but few people know it. Why is water necessary in the process of growing taller? This is the solvent that dissolves nutrients and transports them to all cells in the body. Oxygen is also mainly transported by water. Without water, cells cannot get enough oxygen and nutrients to function and grow. In addition, water is also a channel to remove toxins and excess substances from the body, lubricate the activities of joints and regulate body temperature. All of these functions have a certain influence on the skeletal system and height growth.

You should drink from 2-2.5 liters of water per day, divided into 8-10 times. Don’t just drink water when you feel thirsty. Schedule a specific time to drink water at times when you need to replenish water such as: After waking up, before and after each meal, before going to bed. The best drinking water is filtered water, then juices – fruit and vegetable smoothies. Limit the intake of carbonated soft drinks, coffee, and alcohol for refreshment because these products are all harmful to health and hinder height growth.


Sunbathing is the simplest and most effective way to supplement vitamin D for the body. The body needs vitamin D to better absorb and metabolize calcium and phosphorus. These are two minerals that make up a large proportion of the bone structure. When vitamin D deficiency, bones can experience calcium and phosphorus deficiency even though the daily diet is rich in these two nutrients.

Every day, you can sunbathe for 15-20 minutes in mild sunny hours such as before 10 am and after 16 pm. Absolutely do not sunbathe at midday can cause damage to the skin and threaten health.


Keep your mind at ease

Eager to increase height quickly, pressure and low self-esteem when my body is inferior to my peers. Many people fall into a state of crisis and stress during the period of good height growth. Psychological problems are the cause of insomnia, not sleeping well, not eating properly, being inactive or over-exercising… These factors all adversely affect health and the growth process. natural height. Therefore, pay attention to maintain a positive and happy psychological state, ensure that your diet is always scientific for good height growth and health.

Use additional products

Supplements are pills that provide nutrients that are beneficial for height and health. The nutrition in the supplement has often gone through a preparation process, so the body absorbs it more easily and quickly than the nutrition from food.

This product line is popular and used in many developed countries, where parents are often quite busy and do not have time to prepare a variety of meals for their children. It is dietary supplements that have contributed a large part to the strong natural physical growth of children in many countries.

However, you need to be alert when choosing supplements because the quality and safety of each product is different. Prioritize products of reputable brands, with optimal formulas for height, which are positively reviewed by many consumers.

The age at which height stops growing varies from person to person but is usually no more than 20 years old. Don’t let yourself choose to lengthen your legs. Take advantage of the good growth stages to increase height before it’s too late.