Top 10 height-boosting milk options for 5-year-old children


Milk is a familiar nutritional product in children’s diets. However, choosing the right type of milk for children is important to ensure safety and health for their sensitive bodies. In this article, we help you identify 10 milk products that promote height growth for 5-year-old children.

Abbott Grow Milk

Abbott Grow Milk is a product of Abbott USA, a nutrition-focused corporation. This milk line typically provides essential nutrients for children during crucial developmental stages. Abbott Grow Milk is produced in various specialized products for different age groups from 1 to 10 years old. Among them, 5-year-old children can use Abbott Grow Milk 3+ or Abbott Grow Milk 4.

The milk contains prominent components such as calcium, vitamin D, protein, DHA, taurine, omega-3,6,9 fatty acids, GOS, beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more. Abbott Grow Milk is introduced with the purpose of supporting height growth in children. Additionally, the milk contains ingredients beneficial for brain and visual development. Many parents choose Abbott Grow to ensure comprehensive development for their beloved children.

Hikid Premium Milk


Hikid Premium is a type of milk from South Korea, under the Ildong Foodis brand. Hikid Premium milk is skimmed, so parents don’t need to worry about their child’s weight when they drink this milk daily. Each 100g serving of milk provides 183mg of calcium, along with vitamin K2, vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc to support bone health.

The milk is made from 100% pure cow’s milk, so children with lactose intolerance or cow’s milk protein allergies may not be suitable for this type of milk. The price of Hikid Premium products varies depending on the seller and import prices, ranging from about 500,000 to 550,000 Vietnamese Dong per 600g bottle. You should look for reputable sellers, ensure clarity about the product’s source and origin to buy genuine and safe products for your child.

Asumiru Milk

Asumiru is an imported milk from Japan, designed for children aged 3 to 16 to help improve their height. The milk is packaged in a special pouch with a content of 180g per pouch. Asumiru milk is sold at a relatively high price on the market, around 900,000 Vietnamese Dong per 180g pouch. When buying, you should choose a reputable importer.

The milk supplements familiar bone-nourishing components such as calcium, vitamin K2, vitamin D, and, notably, it provides ZAP – a formula combining Arginine, Placenta, and Zinc to promote growth hormone production. This is the main mechanism by which Asumiru milk influences a child’s height growth process.

Therefore, Asumiru milk does not provide optimal nutrition for bone health like regular milk. Drinking Asumiru milk helps the child’s body produce growth hormones more effectively, which is one of the factors supporting height growth. So when giving Asumiru to your child, parents should pay attention to their diet with nutritious foods to ensure the child’s nutritional needs are met, which is crucial for maximizing their height potential.

PediaSure Milk

PediaSure contains 28 – 35 essential vitamins and minerals for growing bodies. These include Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Zinc, Vitamin A, B vitamins, calcium, omega-3, omega-6, probiotics, FOS, Arginine, and Vitamin K2. In addition to calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K that support bone health and growth, PediaSure provides Arginine to increase cartilage thickness and promote growth potential.

PediaSure is a high-energy milk, primarily designed to help children gain healthy weight, improve nutrient absorption, and enjoy delicious meals. Parents should ensure that children consume PediaSure milk in an appropriate amount and choose low-sugar options to avoid overweight. Currently, PediaSure milk is available at mother and baby stores, or you can purchase it from authorized importers


Dielac Grow Milk

Dielac Grow is a product from Vinamilk – a leading nutrition brand in Vietnam. For children aged 5 and older, parents can choose Dielac Grow 2+ powdered milk for kids aged 2 – 10. This milk contains 34 important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D3, fast-metabolizing fats, protein, FOS, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, DHA, taurine, choline, linoleic acid, alpha-linoleic acid, and more.

With an additional 30% of calcium and double the recommended amount of vitamin D, Dielac Grow milk provides support for bone development and height growth. Additionally, with its disclosed ingredient list, children who consume Dielac Grow milk can benefit from weight gain and brain development. The price of Dielac Grow 2+ is quite attractive, at only around 260,000 – 280,000 Vietnamese Dong for a 900g can.

Nutifood Grow Plus Milk

Grow Plus is a milk product under the NutiFood brand – a well-known Vietnamese company in the field of nutritional food supplements. Grow Plus milk is introduced with an innovative FDI formula for stunted children. Its ingredients include calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D3, and zinc, which help increase height in children. The milk’s easily absorbed fats, along with lysine, B vitamins, iron, and FOS, help children gain weight and improve their appetite.

Despite being marketed as a height-boosting milk, Grow Plus also has a strong effect in stimulating appetite. The milk also provides good dietary fiber for digestion and enhances nutrient absorption. Therefore, when supplementing Grow Plus milk for children, parents should pay attention to controlling the recommended dosage to avoid excessive weight gain, which may negatively affect height.

Lotte Kid A+ Milk

Lotte Kid A+ milk is suitable for children aged 1 – 10 and provides calcium, vitamin D, phosphorus, DHA, and more. The DHA in Lotte Kid A+ milk comes from plant sources, making it gentle on young bodies. Besides strengthening bone structure and promoting bone growth, this milk helps enhance children’s immunity through Immunoglobulin – a type of immune-boosting antibody found in milk.

This is a product from the Lotte brand in South Korea, designed to improve the height of 5-year-old children. With South Korean domestic milk products like Lotte Kid A+, you can ask relatives in South Korea to purchase them for you or seek out official import sources. Children who consume Lotte Kid A+ experience improved digestion, enhanced brain function, and increased height.


Frisolac Gold Milk

Frisolac Gold is a formula milk product from the FrieslandCampina group in the Netherlands. This is a well-known milk brand that has been widely used for many years. Frisolac Gold offers various product lines for specific age groups, with Frisolac Gold 5 being suitable for 5-year-old children. The main ingredients in Frisolac Gold milk include calcium, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin K, and other nutrients that contribute to the growth in height.

A notable feature of Frisolac Gold milk is the provision of Synbiotics, a component that supports immune enhancement. FOS and Probiotics in the milk also improve children’s digestion, helping them avoid digestive disorders or constipation. Furthermore, the milk provides children with essential minerals such as magnesium, selenium, sodium, as well as DHA, ARA, choline, taurine, folic acid, and more. When consumed correctly, the milk provides energy compensation and supports brain development.

Meiji Milk

Meiji is a longstanding milk brand from Japan, offering products for infants and young children. Meiji milk is currently available in the Vietnamese market in two variants: domestic and imported. Among them, Meiji Gold 4 is suitable for 5-year-old children, as it is designated for ages 3 – 7. Meiji Gold 4 has a mild vanilla flavor that appeals to children’s taste buds.

This milk provides DHA, calcium, vitamin D, omega-3, omega-6 to support both height and brain development in children. The protein content in the milk is relatively high, so while using Meiji milk, parents should ensure that their children also get an adequate amount of dietary fiber to promote healthy digestion. The price of Meiji Gold 4 is approximately 350,000 Vietnamese Dong for a 900g can.

Nuvita Grow Diamond 2+ Milk

Another milk product from NutiFood designed for 5-year-old children aiming to improve their height is Nuvita Grow Diamond 2+. This is a premium line of NutiFood milk with added calcium, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 to optimize height growth. One drawback is that it is recommended for a relatively older age group, as children from 2 years and above can consume this product. Therefore, the formula may not be specifically tailored to a particular growth stage.


If your child is of the type that cannot tolerate lactose, switch to dairy-free milk products such as almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk, etc. When supplementing milk for the growth of a 5-year-old child, parents should also research the type of sugars/fats and their specific quantities, to avoid excessive sugar intake.

Milk is just an energy supplement, providing nutritional compensation, and does not directly increase height. For a 5-year-old child, they still require a balanced diet, increased consumption of wholesome foods, regular physical activity, sufficient sleep, a healthy lifestyle, and staying away from harmful factors. Don’t forget to adapt growth acceleration methods based on your child’s current physical condition to achieve an ideal body shape improvement.