How tall is a beautiful girl? The secret to increasing height quickly for women

Of course everyone wants to have ideal height, especially women. Height not only helps you have a balanced body and attractive appearance, but also helps you be more confident in communicating and building good relationships. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the desired height. So how tall is a beautiful girl? Is there an effective way to increase height for women? Let’s find out detailed information with in the following article!

What is the standard height for a girl?

Based on the table of standard height and weight for men and women based on age, adult women reach a standard height of 163.3 cm. Corresponding to this height is a standard weight of 49 – 58kg. This is the result of a long process of precise and scientific health care to help girls maximize their growth potential.


Maintaining height for women is very important in this modern era. A balanced appearance is a big advantage for you in choosing a career, building relationships, and participating in enjoyable physical activities. Therefore, before increasing your height, pay attention to investing in your health and ensure that your body has enough favorable conditions to increase your height to meet the standards.

How to calculate the standard height for girls according to their respective ages

Height increases continuously over a certain period of time and is regulated according to each person’s age. At different times, the speed of height increase will also be fast – slow. It also depends on your current diet, lifestyle and living environment. Women can monitor their own height based on the specific standard table below:
5107,9 cm13156,7 cm
6115,5 cm14158,7 cm
7121,1 cm15159,7 cm
8128,2 cm16162,5 cm
9133,3 cm17162,5 cm
10138,4 cm18163 cm
11144 cm19163 cm
12149,8 cm20163,3 cm

At what age do girls stop growing?

Both men and women go through 3 “golden” growth periods in their lives, including: Fetal period, first 1000 days of life, puberty. After puberty ends, you have about 2 – 3 more years to continue increasing your height but the speed is very slow. Even after puberty, if you want to accelerate your height, you will need to follow a more rigorous maintenance program or use additional support products.
Women experience puberty at around 10 – 11 years of age and end puberty at around 15 – 16 years of age. Therefore, the period when women stop growing tall will occur slightly earlier than men, namely around the age of 18 years or longer until the age of 20 years. Since the age of 20, your bones have hardened, meaning your height remains constant.

How to help increase a girl’s height quickly and effectively

Adopt a nutritious diet

Nutrition can determine up to 32% of a woman’s ability to increase height, this is also the most influential factor. By eating nutritious foods and ensuring the right amount of nutrients as recommended, you have a greater chance of increasing your height. Pay attention to eating lots of healthy foods, foods rich in calcium, protein, collagen, vitamin D, vitamin K, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium…

Practice regularly

The habit of exercising or exercising every day helps bones grow and become stronger. Exercising properly and sufficiently stimulates the body to produce growth hormone – one of the factors that supports good height development. Exercise can help you improve your posture, tone your muscles, and strengthen your bones. Try to spend 45 – 60 minutes exercising every day, or at least 3 – 5 days a week.

Improve sleep quality and living environment

A good night’s sleep helps bones relax and grow stronger because during this time the bones are not under pressure from body weight. The habit of going to bed early also helps the mind feel more relaxed so that it is easier to reach a state of deep sleep – when the body produces the highest amounts of growth hormone during the day. Going to bed on time and getting enough sleep not only brings many health benefits, increasing height, but also helps you maintain healthy and beautiful skin.
A fresh and less polluted living environment also creates better living conditions. Improving your living environment helps you improve your health and limits the invasion of disease-causing bacteria and viruses that can inhibit growth. Clean air also creates space for healthy exercise, supporting height growth.


Maintain a reasonable weight

Body weight should be stable and consistent with current height. Because if you are overweight, the excess fat that enters the bones creates certain obstacles so that it is difficult for the bones to lengthen. Meanwhile, being underweight also means that the body lacks nutrition and the bones do not get enough nutrition to grow long. To maintain a healthy body weight, you should make a daily menu that meets the recommended calorie intake. Control calorie intake by dividing meals into small portions, exercising regularly, limiting stress…

Stay away from factors that inhibit growth

Unhealthy daily living habits can hinder growth and even hinder bone health, causing health problems. You should immediately overcome the situation of staying up late, lazing around, regularly consuming processed food, fast food, carbonated fizzy drinks… It is also best not to use stimulant drugs such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes, caffeine… especially to improve health. smoke-free living environment.

Adjust the way you do the pose

Improving your posture in daily activities helps you maintain bone and joint strength. Strong bones are an advantage for growing quickly in both length and thickness. Body posture includes sitting, standing, walking, moving and performing manual activities. Make sure your back remains straight in all positions to keep your spine straight, avoid curvature and create balance in your appearance.


Use additional products that support height acceleration

The use of height-increasing support products is an effective solution to accelerate growth in modern life. Because being busy makes it difficult for you to invest in nutritious food, or because the body’s absorption capacity is poor, the problem of nutrient deficiencies still occurs. Using supporting products means providing the necessary nutritional compensation, ensuring the most important factors for height development. It is important to choose products from well-known brands, of good quality and safe for the body.

Some exercises effectively help increase height for girls


Yoga postures are very suitable for women, both training body flexibility and encouraging bone lengthening. Practicing yoga also helps women lose excess fat, making the body more balanced. You can apply yoga exercises such as: Cobra pose, bridge pose, bow pose, warrior, triangle… to lengthen the bones better. Apart from that, practicing yoga is also very convenient, you can do it at home and at any time of the day.

Jump rope

Jumping rope is a physical activity that is good for bone health and muscle tone. Jumping rope properly and regularly can increase bone strength, make bones strong, increase elasticity, tighten muscles… Jumping rope helps you burn the ideal number of calories, thus stabilizing your body weight. It is considered a gentle yet effective form of exercise in bone development, especially suitable for women.

Muscle stretching exercises

There are many types of stretching exercises, including thigh muscles, back muscles, neck muscles, shoulder muscles, arm muscles, leg muscles… Practicing stretching for a long time also means lengthening the bones, increasing body flexibility. Stretching can be done as a primary exercise method, or it can also be used after a training session to restore musculoskeletal function.



Cycling helps you stretch your legs, especially if you constantly perform the following movements: Pedaling, pushing, lifting, pulling. Thigh muscles, lower legs, hamstrings and hip muscles are affected to become tighter. The spine is stronger because it is responsible for maintaining body balance when cycling. Women who practice cycling every day are able to improve their posture better, creating conditions for increasing height quickly.


Jogging is the simplest way of exercise that can be done twice a day, namely in the morning and evening. There are many types of jogging, one of which is fast running which can cause small cracks in the bones, which after receiving nutritional compensation will fill in to form new bones, which means the bones lengthen. Jogging is also effective in increasing body flexibility and improving women’s health.


Swimming, badminton, basketball, volleyball… are sports recommended for women who want to increase their height. Running, jumping high, stretching your legs/back, moving continuously and fighting on the field… helps bones grow stronger. Exercising will also increase the ability to produce growth hormone, increase bone and joint strength, helping girls become more active, healthy and fit.
Good height helps women be more confident in their appearance and freely choose their favorite career, especially jobs that require appearance. Good height is also an advantage for women in building relationships. Therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating scientifically, exercising regularly and sleeping on time helps you optimize your growth and development potential in childhood and puberty.