We all know that the growth of children cannot be separated from the companionship of parents, so we give our children company, but will that work?

Of course, only parents who are willing to accompany and are good at companionship can understand their children better, meet the maximum physical and psychological needs for the child’s growth, and let the child feel the care. parental love and care.

Understanding that, Debametulam.com was created to help parents better understand accompanying children as well as provide parents with useful knowledge and experiences in caring and raising children.

People increasingly rely on the Internet for information, especially medical and health content, which has a huge information asymmetry and is closely related to children’s health. However, the quality of knowledge on the media channels is uneven, unreliable information not only misleads parents in caring for and raising children, but also causes negative impacts. positive for children’s development

Let parents do it themselves to promote a forward-looking attitude to health information, and at the same time collect scientific medical information as well as reliable child care and parenting methods for parents. At the same time, it helps first-time parents to be more active in raising and taking care of children, creating favorable conditions for children to develop in the best way.

The less you communicate with your child, the less you know how to communicate with your child. If you do not know how to communicate with your child, you will understand your child less and less.

The most important thing in education is to respect the dignity and protect the children’s souls, without this, there will be no real education.

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